Information and contents
I can't even say it has been a long cold winter.  Just long.
Things here are progressing and we are ready to send out the details of this years
We will begin on May 23, and will end on Oct. 17th.
Considering all we went thru last year, I would say it was a success.
We are changing a couple of things this year.
First, we would like to have everyone email so we can have a mass mailing about
herbs, coolers, and meat and lamb specials. and the contents of your basket.

Not everyone has Facebook and such but with all the devices, everyone has email.

We also need to send out an email to remind people to put out their coolers.
Next , if you are sending your payment by paypal, just send  the money to
applefarmer2002@yahoo.com .  We will not have the payment buttons this year.
It was a great expense.

We are going to add an herb page to the website telling everything that can be
done with the herbs we will be sending.  That way people will not be wondering
what it is and what to do with it.  Our herb page will have pictures also to make it
If you had a payment plan last year and that worked well for you, you may use it
again this year.
Everyone did what they said they would do and it was wonderful.
This year we will have more health information about food.
Will GMO foods and foods with antibiotics and such, it is good to stay informed.
Labels are not always what they seem and we try to stay abreast of the latest
nutritional news.